Alaska Gold Rush Reality

The bad news in this 1970’s picture is that this tail dragging Cessna bush plane is setting on gold claims lost in a nasty divorce from a gold digger wife who ran off with a “mental health councilor” boyfriend that somehow replaced me at the head of a family Thanksgiving dinner table before a judge decided that someone who had abandoned his duties as a father and husband for being a wilderness placer gold miner out of touch with “proper society”

Even worse —thanks to her equally nasty divorce lawyer— a communist wheeler-dealer from Hanoi recently purchased this ground. His “stealth” advantage in acquiring gold to rule in the future of the world, is that New York multinational capitalists only seem to be interested in “paper gold” that can be flipped electronically around the world in a nano-second HFT trade. This IPO Asian hedge fund has a Chinese sounding connection using British Columbian securities lawyers free basing through Seattle the peddling of green cards on the Internet to replace lazy American miners who seem to have forgotten our golden heritage know-how!

The good news is we have a reality TV channels presenting programs as “Alaska Gold Rush,” to prove through “checks and balances” such international “paper traders” wrong.

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